sábado, fevereiro 16, 2008

We Got

lowly, put me on hold
told me to take a sit
and i can’t wait until tomorrow
finally to meet

i ain’t carrying a flower
(we’ve got time)
you aren’t exactly dress up
(we’ve got time)
i guess only one thing is in our power
(we’ve got time)
i ain’t making it up

oh, we’ve got
we’ve got
we’ve got time


the clouds are having a convention
i’m sick and tired of making rain
i’m wondering when i’m goon’ see the sun
oh, but you and i, we don’t complain

‘cause, we’ve got
we’ve got
we’ve got time

i don’t won’ a leave you, baby
just to show up on time for my baster
i can hear him yelling right now
“why are you so late?”
and i don’t care what it caused

form my pants from your laughter
honey, my sweater is from your smile
ain’t no blouse that can stop me now
the way i’m dressed
i can walk a hundred miles

we’ve got
we’ve got time

Bob Wiseman

sexta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2008


i made up my mind
i'm leavin this town
i'm leavin this town
you won't find me look around

after twenty years of carvin
my name in the wet cement
and your head down and lament
you won't find me look around
baby boy
baby boy
don't follow me


i'm a seed, i'm a seed, i'm a seed
from a dandelion wish
with intent to be big fish
in the sea, in the sea, in the sea
baby boy, baby boy
set me free

don't sabatoge
don't hide away my key
i'm a lark inside a cage
and the world is but a stage
for to sing, for to sing, for to sing

Jesca Hoop

The Day After / O Dia Seguinte

[Porque afinal o que é a vida sem amor
senão uma existência vazia e adiada
estéril e sem sentido?

[Desatino é mesmo não sentir o poder do amor.
Achem-me romântica, exagerada,
adolescente tardia, infantil,
o que quiserem,...

[Margarida Rebelo Pinto]

quinta-feira, fevereiro 14, 2008

Where Is My Love ?



Damien Rice / Lisa Hannigan /// Braveheart /// *



The Innocence Mission /// What Dreams May Come /// *



Nina Nastasia /// P.S. I Love You /// *

(Somewhere) Over

The Rainbow

Aretha Franklin /// What Dreams May Come /// *

(I Keep A)

Close Watch

John Cale /// Braveheart /// *


My Love

John Lennon /// *

Where Is My Love ?

terça-feira, fevereiro 12, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen...



when the ice has melt
i admit, i felt a lifting in my heart
every land becomes an island
everywhere a paradise

oh my, it’s so divine
there’s no more snow
at christmas time
just summer rains

so i hung my hate, scurf and coat
put on my birthday suttee
even dough it is december
if you would like it’s the month of june

and when i get up
i get up and go surfing with the girls
they are all from california
fund it in a hoisters-pearl


oh! what a place to be
i broke a mango from a tree
as the summer rains
are falling from the sky

when the ice has melt
i begun to sing a joyful melody
an orchestra of ukuleles
storming in the sweetest keys

the trail of a wind-tree goes
is lost in a island breeze
i’m better lignin to the sunset
and leave behind my memories

oh, it’s begun
what’s been done can’t been undone
with summer rains
i’m dancing with the sea

what a washing overly
as the summer rains
are falling from the sky
summer rains are falling from the sky

The Ditty Bops


why does blood turn brown when it dries
why do the tears well up in your eyes
why didn't i learn to ride my bike
when it was warm and sunny outside

why can't little kids tie their shoes
why can't the white people play the blues
why can't i fall in love with you
it must be because of the seasons

when the leaves start falling from the trees
when the birds start flirting with the bees
when the wind starts blowing from the east to the west
maybe you'll be the one that i like best


clouds start forming i can't complain
'cause i think we might be in need of some rain
when it starts pouring
don't hide away without me

i bought an umbrella big enough for two
but it feels pretty empty under here without you
dry as a bone but i'm still alone
i'm so gray

when you're standing in a puddle with wet feet
and your head is sore from pounding drops of sleet
when the cold and lonely hours put your heart to the test
maybe i'll be the one that you like best

if the sky can open its eyes
and cry from up above
let's shed some tears of joy
and fall in love