segunda-feira, novembro 17, 2008

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domingo, setembro 28, 2008

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oh, i never asked to be your mountain
i never asked to fly
remember when you came to me
and told me of his lies
you didn't understand my love
you don't know why i try
and the rain was falling on that day
and damn the reason why

the flying pisces sails for time
and tells me of my child
wrapped in bitter tales and heartache
he begs for just a smile
oh, he never asked to be her mountain
he never asked to fly
and through his eye he comes his love
and tells her not to cry

she says, "your scoundrel father flies
with a dancer called a queen
and with her stolen cards he plays
and laughs, but never wins"
oh, the child dreams to be his hands
in the counting of the rain
but only barren breasts he feels
for her milk will never drain

as i die, i can't remember
where i saw the rain
could it be that her laughter
drove me down again?
charming dancer will you stop
stop and talk to me?
is there someone else you feel
in your dreams? you will, you see
in midnight gazes
i've found you far from me
if you lead me on
please leave me down

oh, flying flying fish
please flutter by my door
yes you can drink my lies
if first you read my eyes
each one is titled
"i'm drowning back to you"
i can't swim your waters
and you can't walk my lands
i'm sailing all my sins
and i'm climbing all my fears
and soon now i'll fly

my love is the flower
that lies amoung the grains
my love is the thousands souls
that it sings
and all the insane madmen tell me
i'm not as well behaved
maybe not a lands in bloom
to spead my ash along the way

sweet lover, will you come back
and love me for a while?
please take my hand
leave all your fears behind

i've been gone too long
now i'm home to stay
please don't leave me
again this way

please come home

Tim Buckley / Never Asked To Be Your Mountain

domingo, setembro 14, 2008

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where is my love
where is my love
horses galloping
bring him to me

where is my love
where is my love
horses running free
carrying you and me

where is my love
where is my love
safe and warm
so close to me
in my arms

there is my love
there is my love
horses galloping
bringing him to me

where is my love
where is your love

domingo, setembro 07, 2008

Where Is


My Love?


I Miss You...

MTV / Artista Português Do Ano


sábado, setembro 06, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen...


Chelsea Hotel #2


tomorrow i’m gonna leave
a bird on your grave
and say a little prayer
for you

kyle says you’ve been dead
for a couple of months
and i’ve been thinking
your still here my friend
and i still have
your songs in my head
and your face engraved
into the glass of me