sábado, fevereiro 02, 2008

Again !!! Terrorists ! Capitalists !

My account was closed (again!)
because of Nicole Kidman's video
"One Day I'll Fly Away"!
Therefore, some videos don't work in my blog!
Sorry! I will open a new account at YouTube
and will upload all the videos.
One by one.
Thank you for your patience.
New YouTube account:


if you've never
been in love
and you're longing for
the happiness it brings
try your wings

if you're hungry
for the sound
of a lover saying
sentimental things
try your wings


even the tiniest
has to leave
it's nest to fly
what a bluebird
can do
you can do too
if you try


if you've always
had a dream
but you've been afraid
that it would
not come true
fall in love
and you will find
that it's just
what you've been
dreaming of

a first love
never comes
so take this
tender advice
when it comes
try your wings
and fly to
the one

you love

Blossom Dearie /// Breakfast At Tiffany's /// *

sexta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2008


touch my hand
it's only me, listen
i'm here, come to stand
in sultry fields, with you

and now, old dummy day
i know is over this way
i'm laughing
saw you gonna kiss me
you see, yeah as i said

one day she won't
a lonely bird, alone
judgement day
saw the world it's gone
unheard, sold the sea
a lot how it feels to me

i hate the word it's sad to see
i take your weight
and your heart fades away
today a renegade
to lay in woods, by the pheasants
i mean it, you don't
force on my head
kill our nightmare


a lonely bird, a lonely bird
a lonely bird, alone
colour me
cover me in the colour that reminds you
could make the same mistake
and you would never know
that i am, that i am
alone, now

something, something tells me
that you have something
on, all of us now you're heaven
taking over me now
colour me hate
raw little nerve
colour me and pull us
only home, me home

hold the sun down
hold the moon down
leave me to rest
want the world man
too the words out, only relief is
to slip through the nets
hold a minute and stop a minute
and go, oh oh, hold a minute
you said to me, said to me and
breath, breath, breath
you said it to me
sometime later

Alpha /// Mi Vida Sin Mí (My Life Without Me)

terça-feira, janeiro 29, 2008


goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight
it's time to say
goodbye, let me tell you, now

goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight
it's time to say

now, all night long
you've been drinking your tequilla
but now you've sucked
your lemon peel dry
so why not get high, high, high and
goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight

goodnight ladies
ah, ladies goodnight
it's time to say

goodnight sweet ladies
ah, ladies goodnight
it's time to say
goodbye, bye-bye

ah, we've been together
for the longest time
but now it's time to get high
come on, let's get high, high, high
and goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight


oh, i'm still missing my other half
oh, it must be something i did in the past
don't it just make you wanna laugh
it's a lonely saturday night

oh, nobody calls me on the telephone
i put another record on my stereo
but i'm still singing a song of you
it's a lonely saturday night

now, if i was an actor
or a dancer who is glamorous
then, you know
amorous life would soon be mine
but now the tinsel light of star break
is all that's left to applaud my heart break
and eleven o'clock i watch the network news

oh, woh, woh, something tells me
that you're really gone
you said we could be friends
but that's not what's not what i want
ah, anyway, my tv-dinner's almost done
it's a lonely saturday night
i mean to tell you
it's a lonely saturday night
one more word
it's a lonely saturday night

Lou Reed /// Polina Semionova /// *

With Or

see the stone set in your eyes
see the thorn twist in your side
i wait for you

sleight of hand and twist of fate
on a bed of nails she makes me wait
and i wait without you

with or without you
with or without you

through the storm we reach the shore
you give it all but i want more
and i'm waiting for you

with or without you
i can't live
with or without you

and you give yourself away
and you give
and you give yourself away

Without You

my hands are tied
my body bruised
shes got me with
nothing to win and
nothing left to lose

and you give yourself away
and you give
and you give yourself away

with or without you
i can't live
with or without you

with or without you
i can't live
with or without you

Michelle Simonal /// Polina Semionova /// *


did i disappoint you or let you down?
should i be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?
'cause i saw the end before we'd begun
yes i saw you were blinded and i knew i had won
so i took what's mine by eternal right
took your soul out into the night
it may be over but it won't stop there
i am here for you if you'd only care

you touched my heart you touched my soul
you changed my life and all my goals
and love is blind and that i knew when
my heart was blinded by you
i've kissed your lips and held your head
shared your dreams and shared your bed
i know you well, i know your smell
i've been addicted to you

goodbye my lover
goodbye my friend
you have been the one
you have been the one for me

My Lover

i am a dreamer but when i wake
you can't break my spirit
it's my dreams you take
and as you move on, remember me
remember us and all we used to be
i've seen you cry, i've seen you smile
i've watched you sleeping for a while
i'd be the father of your child
I'd spend a lifetime with you
i know your fears and you know mine
we've had our doubts but now we're fine
and i love you, i swear that's true
i cannot live without you

goodbye my lover
goodbye my friend
you have been the one
you have been the one for me

and i still hold your hand in mine
in mine when i'm asleep
and i will bear my soul in time
when i'm kneeling at your feet
goodbye my lover
goodbye my friend
you have been the one
you have been the one for me
i'm so hollow, baby, i'm so hollow
i'm so, i'm so, i'm so hollow

James Blunt /// Polina Semionova /// *


[there was once a very lovely, very frightened girl]
moon river
wider than a mile
i'm crossing you
in style some day
oh, dream maker
you heart breaker
wherever you're going
i'm going your way


[she lived alone except for a nameless cat]
two drifters off
to see the world
there's such a lot
of world to see
we're after
the same rainbow's end
waiting 'round the bend
my huckleberry friend
moon river and me

Audrey Hepburn /// Breakfast At Tiffany's

segunda-feira, janeiro 28, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen...




i feel so helpless now
my guitar is not around
and i'm strugglin with the xylophone
to make these feelings sound
and i'm rememberin' you singin'
and bringin' you to life
it's rainin' out the window
and today it looks like night

you haven't written to me in a week
i'm wonderin' why that is
are you too nervous to be lovers
friendship's ruined with just one kiss?
i watched you very closely
i saw you look away
your eyes are either gray or blue
i'm never close enough to say


but your sweatshirt says it all
with the hood over your face
i can't keep starin' at your mouth
without wonderin' how it tastes
i'm with another boy
(he's asleep, i'm wide awake)
and he tried to win my heart
but it's taken

i know the shape of your hands
because i watch 'em when you talk
and i know the shape of your body
'cause i watch it when you walk
and i want to know it all
but i'm giving you the lead
so go on, go on and take it
don't fake it, shake it


don't second-guess your feelings
you were right from the start
and i notice she's your lover
but she's nowhere near your heart
this city is for strangers
like the sky is for the stars
but i think it's very dangerous
if we do not take what's ours

and i'm winnin' you with words
because i have no other way
i want to look into your face
without your eyes turnin' away
last night i watched you sing
because a person has to try
and i walked home in the rain
because a person can not lie

Jaymay /// Serendipity /// *