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Dear Rose

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sexta-feira, julho 06, 2007

Dear Friends / Musicians / Groups

It was with an immense pride and surprise that
I received some messages from musicians and groups
(some are of my preferred ones) inviting me
to produce their videos or permission to use the ones I made.
It won’t be necessary to explain, here, the pleasure that
the music gives to me and how much I appreciate it.
That’s why I try to repay with the persistence,
the soul and the heart that I put into the edition
of some videos for the music of musicians I like.
I do it in a strange (abusive and perhaps even illegal) way.

Everything is made in a very elementary way.
In fact I am an amateur.
I am not a producer or director, much less a cinematographer …
Therefore, all the video sequences I use are not originally mine.
They are downloaded from the Net.
I try to use videos that are, “more or less” public on the Internet,
but I do not have their copyright.
The final result is usually a patchwork of various pieces from different videos…
Of course I would like to make videos for you.

It would be an honour and an enormous pride and pleasure.
But…, one thing is me taking full responsibility for their publication on the net,
another very different thing is that YOU do it and get
into judicially complicated situations...
I hope that you understand.

The disgust is also mine.
If you will have another idea or opinion,
I will be always available without reserves.

I wish you all the best.



Where Have

All The Flowers

Marlene Dietrich /// A Dor Da Saudade /// I


Saudades / Saudades / Do Luís, da Xana (tás tão longe...) e da Teresa (agora tu...) / Porque me fazem falta todos os dias / *

Go Away

Marlene Dietrich /// A Dor Da Saudade /// II


My Window

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